Volumes VIII-XII of The Jewish Encyclopedia published between 1901-1906 in USA. See:.…



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All projects are those related to the intersection of both Jewish Studies and digitization or digital humanities. While there are a large number of projects relating to Jewish history on the Internet, we only include those that have an explicitly digital aspect to their research. We also only include projects that are related to ongoing research, provide a resource for researchers, or can be used as a tool for research in this domain.

We would be happy to add your project, as long as it is at the intersection of both Jewish Studies and digitization or digital humanities. Please use this form to submit your project and send an image to

Our team has done our best to fill out all the metadata for all projects listed on our website, but sometimes the information was unavailable so we were not able to add it. If you have information that you would like to add,  please email us at, including what metadata you would like to add and indicating the name of the project in the subject line.

We would be happy to modify any information that you find lacking or incorrect about a project. Please email us at with a short description of what you would like to change, indicating the name of the project in the subject line.

Since projects listed on this website come from all over the world, many of them are not in English. However, one of our goals with this website is to make the existing projects that combine Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities more accessible to a wider public. Hence, in the case where the title of a project is in a language other than English, we have used the official English translation of the project title when it is available and added the original project title in brackets in the project description, so that more people can find the widest number of existing projects. There are also a small number of projects where we have kept the project title in its original language, usually when the title is either a proper noun or would be extremely generic when translated to English.

We have done our best to contact all project owners with a request to send us an image that would illustrate their project. We were not succesful in all cases, hence several projects display a generic image. Please email us at if you are involved in one of the projects we list and would like us to include an image.  


"(Subject) Country" refers to the country or countries that the project focuses on as its area of thematic study. "Creator country" refers to the country or countries where the project was started and is located. 


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Many of these projects are constantly in flux and while the URL given on our website for the project was correct to the best of our abilities when the project was added to our site, it is possible that the URL has since changed or the project is no longer active (and should be categorized as a "discontinued" project). If you encounter problems with the URL of a project or believe that it is no longer an active project, please email us at, indicating the name of the project in the subject line.

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